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Monday, March 21, 2005


Comic book news

Well, it is nice to put something on my blog that is not directly connected with the rightward swing in British society and an election campaign of that seems to be a game of outbidding opponents in offering ever more illiberal policies, rather than a contest of alternatives.


Here is Jorge Munoz’s sketch blog, where he’s got some lovely images that will be incorporated into our Wayland book. I get quite excited thinking about this project, but then I have seen some of the pages that are coming up, but I really ought not to show them to you as that kind of slow drip feed will spoil your appetites.

This is Dave Evans blog, where he’s got some tasty preview images for a few strips that will be available at the Bristol Comics Festival (13th-15th May). He seems to me to be the hardest working smallpress artist around, with work turning up in Solar Wind, The End is Nigh!, FutureQuake, not to mention our project, Tales of the Contrary, for which he has produced all 20 pages of strip and, so long as I don’t let him down, a handful of illustrations for a prose story. One of these strips is here, but you’ll have to wait to see the rest.

Finally, I sent Eleonora Kortsarz a couple of batches of photo references today, to suggest to her the atmosphere that I am aiming for in my alternative America. I am looking forward to seeing chapter two of Empirical Majesty – here you can read parts one and two of chapter one. I will have hard copies of this available at Bristol too.

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