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Thursday, February 03, 2005


Empirical Majesty – a continuing, and still irregular, series

Here is the second part of the first chapter of Empirical Majesty. I am posting this so soon after the first part as I will be away for the next week or so.

Once again the art is provided by Eleonora Kortsarz, an Argentinean artist who can be contacted at elioh7*at*yahoo*dot*com*dot*ar.

If you have not read Part One, click HERE first.

Chapter One, Part Two:

Once again, I ask that people explore the previous work that has been posted on this blog: Heresy - the History of Alberto Comma, Games, Guilt Trip, Rogue Trooper – Witnesses of War (fan fiction), The Song of Wayland (Bristol Comic Festival 2004 preview pages), The Unbeatable Man, and A Complete Revolution. The standard apologies for the quality of my writing apply, but please do leave comments.

Wow! That second episode is much richer than the first. Good stuff. Have you a third episode yet?
Andy, I do wish you'd stop putting these up here - I was waiting for the whole thing to be finished before reading!

Seeing as that might take a while, I guess I'll have to read them in serialised form - perhaps it will fill the gap before the new Dr Who starts (currently filming here in Cardiff University if anyone is interested...)

Keep up the good work!

Hmmm. Now the plot thickens. None of the cliched lines from the first part, and the artwork has since stabilized. I'll give Eleanora the benefit of the doubt as she was working on a new series, with new characters, and getting used to the various different views of things. Altogether a great read, and I am looking forward to further parts in this increasingly interesting world.
Very good indeed, hugely enjoyable.

A superbly creative alternative-history, excellently illustrated. I await part three with anticipation. WW
Looking forward to more.

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