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Saturday, January 29, 2005


Empirical Majesty – a new, but irregular, series

This blog has concentrated quite heavily on politics for the past few weeks. This is meant to be a ‘bizarre bazaar’, conceived as a collection of short pieces on politics, popular culture, science, a site to host my small-press comics on the web and a place to give air some of my semi-academic writings. So, in the interest of diversity, here we begin a new, comic series.

Art is provided by Eleonora Kortsarz, an Argentinean artist who can be contacted at elioh7*at*yahoo*dot*com*dot*ar. Earlier examples of her work can be found here: La Extraña Noche Del Sr. Valdemar, and here: El Niño Que Fue Dios. Both of these are in Spanish, and as I speak, read and understand no foreign languages – to my great discredit – I cannot vouch for these strips.

I think it would be apt if we began with a scene setting trailer, akin the pieces that are found on the back of commercial books that go by the ugly name of ‘blurbs’.

The world is on the cusp of the 20th Century, but modernity is already upon us. The Scientific Revolution of 18th century Britain was taken literally. The old social and political order was overthrown following a brief, technologically unbalanced civil war in which the Armies of Reason deployed the technological marvels of poison gas, air power and mobile fortresses. Mad King George III, condemned for his irrationality, fled to the New World, where the Hanoverian States of America are established, governed as we open the story by his opium addled granddaughter, Queen Victoria. The technocratic councils that govern Britain give free rein to the power of the thinkers, building an open, progressive and globally powerful nation. However, the appearances of freedom may be a veneer hiding a more sinister means of control.

The turn of the 20th Century is a time when empires abut, jostling for position and power. In Europe the Prussians challenge the supremacy of Britain, while across the Atlantic the House of Hanover schemes to regain their Old World throne. Faced with these threats, and possessed by a desire to avoid open, destructive conflict, Britain turns to its Covert Diplomacy Corps to gather intelligence and defuse any crises. One of foremost CDC agents is Kelvin Vijay Brooke, Professor of Ethology at Empirical College of Science and Technology, London. We enter his story at a period of uneasy peace between the powers.

This chapter, and subsequent chapters, will be available in hardcopy. The cover price will be as low as possible, but for the small audience of this blog I think I might be able to stretch to complimentary copies. I couldn’t ask people to pay for what they have already read. Contact me at the e-mail address in the blog header if you want to be added to ‘the list’.

Chapter One, Part One:

Previous fiction work that has appeared on this blog can be found here: Heresy - the History of Alberto Comma, Games, Guilt Trip, Rogue Trooper – Witnesses of War (fan fiction), The Song of Wayland (Bristol Comic Festival 2004 preview pages), The Unbeatable Man, and A Complete Revolution. My writing may be of poor to patchy quality, but please check these out and leave comments.

Hi Andrew, me likee!

When is the hard copy going to be available, are you aiming for Bristol?
That's great stuff!
The first chapter (12 pages) is complete, so it should be printed up ready for Bristol, and like I said I'll probably sell it for a nominal fee.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Tales of the Contrary. Empirical Majesty will be a test run of the printing services I plan to use.
Ready for Bristol? I'll definitely be on the look out for it there.
Oops, that was me, Endjinn from the 2000AD board.
Just a little quibble re: the statue - nowt wrong with the torch, but isn't it stretching it him wearing a toga over his suit- should be one or the other surely

Iain Nixon (Conexus)
Dude, this is, like, Krustani from the 2thou board.

You're strip, like totally, ROCKS FUCKIN' ASS MAN!!!!
Hey Andrew, this is Will Cooling from (sorry couldn't resist the plug) and may I say I had you all wrong. I thought you were some pacifist of some kind or another but no here's a bloody good script showing a Brit kick German ass...brings a tear to the eye it does.

Seriously though cool story and I can't wait to pick it up at Bristol.


I like it, keep it up.

Since my car is poor boat I will have to skip Bristol but I'm sure you will do well.
A very interesting premise on which to base a serial comic or series. The artwork in my opinion is slightly weak, but it does suit the storyline quite well. I found myself immensely enjoying it, even the classic German accent and cliched way of handling it, in spy vs spy fasion. Keep it up.
I was trying to open the series in a traditional Bond-style 'pre-credits' fight, seemingly the ending of an previous adventure. In the next part of this chapter the story proper opens out, and while I can't promise that it will be less cliched, I can promise that they will be a quite different set.
Empirical College, London eh?

Another strip based on the (fictional?) exploits of WW?

I just get here and what i find is an excellent art work (I dont see it weak in anyway, like Mr.Oak). My congratulations to the artist (Eleonora K.)and the guionist.

I really want to see the rest of it.
Thanks for the comments, Carolina. The next set of pages are available on the site at:

Further chapters coming soon!
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