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Friday, August 13, 2004


From the Depths - Guilt Trip

Guilt Trip was one of my first scripts and it is easy to look back and see where I went wrong. It was illustrated by Jon Lekton and published in ‘23 Reasons why Summer Camp Didn’t Work Out’ in 2003. It is a shame I didn’t give Jon a better script to work from. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to hide it away, especially as a fair bit of time and effort was put into its production. Jon Lekton can be contacted at JonLektonIsAlive*at*hotmail*dot*com.

Interesting. The script is a little on the disjointed side but I can see why this was worth doing.

This one of the things I like about the Blog format, you can just put stuff out there, and because it is not a 'dedicated' space you can have a wide variety of topics.
err.. What Bolt said,
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