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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Necessarily proportional

On Thursday a Labour councillor wrote, regarding the ‘liquid bomb plot’:

The Government is right to take whatever action is necessary to ensure the security of its citizen and I find it hard to fathom that some believe it is an overreaction given the events that have happened overnight.

[found via Perfect]

Is this deliberate unreason deployed in the cause of party loyalty? I am not sure. I lean to believing that Martin Whelton finds many things ‘hard to fathom’. Perhaps someone could do our democracy a service and explain to Whelton that the only ‘events that happened overnight’ were the [over?]reaction of the security services and the Government.

Whelton cannot therefore, in good faith, justify the reaction of the security services and the Government by reference to that same reaction of the security services and the Government, no matter that Whelton dresses up this one event as two in order to use it as yardstick against itself. When measured on this scale, everything is proportional.

Yeah, quite. The point is, after all, that we don't know whether the action that was taken was necessary to ensure our security, so we have no way of knowing whether it was an overreaction or not.
But then the whole War Against Terror is one big circular argument, so one can hardly blame mere Outer Party members for using the same logic as their masters.
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