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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The Ornamental Prescott of Westminster

Harry Hutton has a good post on the Ornamental Prescott of Westminster. He points out that “using a government office for having sex with his secretary was far less ruinous for Britain than how he might otherwise have been using it. While Prescott was harmlessly fucking his secretary, the rest of the cabinet were probably hatching schemes to make us all line up and be fingerprinted.” Read the rest.

I did enjoy the comment on Harry’s post from Tommy C:

“You are overlooking the point of a Prescott, Harry. Which is: to symbolize to the north that Labour is still workin' clarse, thus buying their votes and shutting them up. Witness their refusal of a Northern Assembly: more Prescott genius. Little does the north realise that he spends his time chained up in a London office, like King Kong in a New York theatre, being thrown bananas and secretaries, uncomprehending of the laughter from the rows of suits.”

Glad you liked it!
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