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Monday, May 01, 2006


May Day

Tony Blair in the Times, 1997, when still leader of the opposition:

“The changes that we do propose would leave British law the most restrictive on trade unions in the western world.”

Why did Blair join the Labour Party? And why did Labour let him?

Is the answer to the first one "Opportunist entryism"? And is the second one "because we were fucking desperate"?
I agree with the entryism, but not the desperation argument, John Smith seemed fairly relaxed at the sight of a tory party acting like a high wire act with a bottle in its hand. He sensibly offered few hostages to fortune.
The Blair Project gang however were far more concerned, not with saving Labour, but saving the 'New Britain' from Labour.
Blair seemed a capable frontman and figures like Brown,Prescott and Cook provided reassurance at the time that tradition would be advanced with an electorally appealing face.
Most on the left under estimated the depth of the Blair Project's keenly felt prejudices or their tactical effectiveness.
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