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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Island of Tyranny

George W. Bush, I will let you have that phrase for free. Claim it for your own and use it in your next State of the Union address.

The island of Sark has recently decided against instituting democracy, instead opting for a feudal political system that reserves much power for the landowners. This decision, of course, was made by an unrepresentative body, the Chief Pleas.

Looking at this situation, if you are of a like mind with the rhetoric of men like Blair and Bush then there is only one morally acceptable option here. Invasion! Despite the exclamation mark I am serious. If, as Jack Straw asserted, a ‘desire for democracy burns in the heart of every human being’, then the people of Sark are being denied their political freedom. What can be done? Well, if a bloody invasion and murderous occupation is an acceptable means of spreading democracy, then the relatively bloodless knocking over of a few tin-pot landowners and liberating the people of Sark would be a perfectly acceptable means to a democratic end. What is more, it would be comparatively easy, and a perfect laboratory on which to test the principles of democratisation through invasion. The methodology can be refined on the islands of tyranny close to home, before being deployed on larger ‘outposts of evil’.

Come on Hitchens, Cohen, Aaronovitch and all your various hangers on in the First Fighting Keyboarders, this IS one that you can do this in person. You could be the liberal liberators, a post-Left ‘Dogs of War’. Go and bring ‘modernity’ and ‘enlightenment’ to the people of Sark.

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