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Thursday, November 24, 2005


I piped music

Music affects our moods. Music affects our thoughts. So what is the effect of walking around all day with music being piped into our ears? Might it not encourage some sort of disconnect between a person and their sensory experience of the world. More than no sound, a person listening to music through headphones hears carefully composed and arranged sound that has no connection with events in the rest of his or her experience.

Just a thought. I am certainly not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing. A little otherworldliness can be a good thing.

[this post was composed under the influence iPod piped Demon Days by Gorillaz]

Brian Eno has invested a great deal in creating music for 'spaces'. I suggest a download of some of his stuff and a walk around town. Report back to us when you have done this and provide sensory details.

(Shall I download you some? - Eno that is, not sensory details, my broadband isn't quite that good...)
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