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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Com’n Leeds

Born in Bradford, you would expect me to be hoping for a Bulls victory in the Super League Grand Final on Saturday. But a little nugget has got me rooting for Bradford’s wealthier, trendier and more ‘cosmopolitan’ sibling, Leeds.

The Guardian carried a profile article on Kevin Sinfield, the Leeds captain. On being dropped from the Great Britain squad, he says:

“I only needed to watch the news on TV to see that my disappointment was nothing compared to real tragedies in the outside world. It's always important, as a sportsman, to take that reality check. What does being dropped matter compared to famine, disease and war?"

He then describes how his mother and father are committed socialists, their theory springing from the Cuban Revolution and the writings of Che Guevara in particular. Sinfield says:

“I've got the same belief that socialism is better than anything. It's not something I usually talk about because it must sound hypocritical - me sitting here as a well-paid professional sportsmen. But playing rugby league doesn't stop me holding on to my ideals.”

At least I can still cheer for a Yorkshire club.

Com’n Leeds.

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