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Saturday, June 11, 2005


What could more British?

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Gilbert and George are taking the piss aren’t they?
Gilbert and George are taking the piss.
What could be more British than here’s a picture of my bum?
Gilbert and George are taking the piss

Billy Bragg predicts the British representation at the Venice Biennial.

The lyrics, incidentally, are from Take Down the Union Jack, on the album England, Half English.

Hi Andrew:

What does the expression "taking the piss" mean? I'm from the US and it's not in use here-at least I never heard it. I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide me on this question.


Tom Doyle
The phrase "worth a bomb" has never been more of a pun than when used to describe modern art.
From the Two useful definitions for Tom Doyle:

1. take the piss
to mock someone
"He's taking the piss out of you"

2. take the piss
To greedily demand an unreasonable effort or price.

British/Australian origins.
"My physics prof makes us go to 2 labs a week, and half the time we just end up using them to help him mark papers. He really takes the piss."
I have a great fondness for Gilbert and George. They make me laugh. They take the piss a lot.
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