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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Are you not quite sure if you are thinking what you are thinking?

In that case, take any or all of these tests and remove the stress of devising a personal political position.

Who Should You Vote For?

The Public Whip

Chris Lightfoot’s Political Survey

Political Compass

That’s for this. However, I just thought I’d let you know I couldn’t get the second link to work – not sure if it’s a problem at my end but maybe you should have another go at putting it up there – cheers
The link has been corrected.
If you are not aware of what you are thinking when you think you are thinking, are you thinking?

: -)

Sorry, I couldn't help myself with a title like that.

The political compass sight is quite good, I've recommended it several times.
Just in case you aren't aware, the Conservative Party's slogan for this election is 'Are you thinking what we're thinking?'

Here's some example of their adverts subverted:

Incidentally (or perhaps not), the Tory programme is very similar to that used by the far right French politician Jean Marie le Pen's National Front Party (during the 1988 election): Our programme is what you are thinking.
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