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Monday, October 04, 2004


Tales of the Contrary - preview post

I mentioned that Dave Evans was working to illustrate an anthology of comic stories, written by me, to be collected under the title ‘Tales of the Contrary’. At just over 20 pages of comic, the centrepiece nine-page story is ‘Hereditary Genius’, a story of the transfer of power to the next generation. Here’s a preparatory image produced by Dave, building an atmosphere of the setting and one of the main characters.

Greetings Andy,

Perhaps I will comment on one of your political posting sooner or later, but for now I thought that I'd make the (relatively) uncontroversial comment that I'm looking forward to viewing your Anthology.

Keep up the good work,

Ah, tis a shame that I couldn't get that to clear up more. The photo section has that awful white line on it. I do like that pic though. One of the better prep pieces.
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