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Friday, March 16, 2007



As various commentators at Lenin’s Tomb point out, given that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has confessed to being responsible for everything, and more, does this mean that the War on Terror is at an end?

If that question is a little adolescent, here is one that is utterly adult; why has our press been reporting Khalid Sheikh Mohemmed’s confessions as anything other than the incredible product of much more credible accounts of rendition and torture?

Not so fast, they live amongst us..

The bank accounts of more than 5,000 suspected terrorists are being monitored by Britain's biggest financiers following fresh intelligence from MI5.

If a bit of witch dunking can come up with 30 odd plots from one conspirator, then our brave spooks have a potential 15,000 attacks to 'foil'.

Should keep that threat level at red for a while.
oops 150,000. Put it down to terror impaired arithmetic
Nice blog,

Enjoy ours:

Any comments or criticism welcome!
agreed, and the problem is, the govt cant prove its not a conspiracy plot against them as they argued. If theyre guilty then i say bring back hanging, but then how many injustices did the ira incur in our courts?
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